Link together for Lincoln Jensen

Lincoln is a vibrant, curious and intelligent 5 year old boy with the most beautiful blue eyes. He loves the color green, dirt bikes, Lego, and getting lost in adventure with his friends. He  is the best big brother to his little sister Grace, and he loves his family fiercely. Lincoln has faced medical challenges all of his life and has proven to be a true superhero. He is a blessing to his parents and all who know him.  He is always positive because that is the example he has been shown by his amazing parents. They  face each challenge with optimism, and gratitude, always acknowledging blessings in the storm, never asking for any help.  Over the past six months Lincoln’s fragile health has been declining.  He has been plagued with one respiratory virus after another never fully healing and returning to his original baseline, and requiring more and more assistance. His dedicated parents care for him around the clock. He spent his Thanksgiving in the hospital battling pneumonia. We were all so happy to see him come home, but a few days before Christmas he became very sick again each day getting progressively worst.   He is now being cared for at Primary Children’s Hospital.  He is fighting to recover from the flu and pneumonia. They are working hard to get his lungs clear enough to continue testing to get to the bottom of why he continues to get so sick.  At this point  specialist are leaning towards a very scary diagnosis of an incurable lung disease. His parents are facing the unimaginable. Please pray for Lincoln and his family, and if possible, please donate. The funds raised will relieve stress from mounting medical bills, and all of the other expenses that are related to being away from home and work.

“Lincoln’s EoE looks like it is in complete remission!!! We will be going to Cincinnati Children’s hospital in the end of September. This will be our preliminary OR visit along with a lot more testing to make sure his reconstruction will be successful. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and love for this journey we are on. I know in my heart this is a miracle and a big step for Lincoln. Thank you for all the prayers, love, and support! We love you ♥️”