Who is Kalamity?

Kalamity is an all adult contemporary hip hop dance team, whose purpose is to serve the community and use their talent to help those in need. Each year Kalamity chooses a cause and at the end of the year, they put on a benefit concert for that family or person. During the course of the year they also put on various camps/clinics, garage sales, and babysit to also earn money for their cause. Aside from the one planned show a year, Kalamity averages about 6 others shows for other people in the community. In total, Kalamity has had the opportunity to raise roughly $76,000 for the families in the community. In 2012, Kalamity was able to raise $15,000 for their “Mighty Meg Cause.” See our Causes

Megan’s husband, Josh, 37, says the funds have helped them with some of Megan’s daunting medical bills, including one major bill they have been working to pay off for a few years now.”

-The Spectrum.

Kalamity formed a strong bond with their 2012 cause Mighty Meg and continues their relationship with her that will last forever.

Yet as she was dealing with doctors telling her she was going to die, Kalamity came into her family’s life and lifted their spirits.”

-The Spectrum.

Yet Kalamity doesn’’t stop here. 2017 will be another cause and another reason to serve the community.

Kalamity cannot put on these shows without help and support. We are asking you to consider being a Kalamity sponsor and to help us on our mission to change lives, “one Kalamity at a time.”

What does it mean to be a Kalamity sponsor?
Kalamity does not keep any profit from any fundraiser or show that they put on or are a part of. As a result, they are looking for sponsors to help them so that they are able to help more families. Becoming a Kalamity sponsor means what exactly?

See our full list of sponsors.

We have one $300 sponsorship package that includes the following:

  • Name in all show programs (about 6-7 a year)
  • Logo and name on Kalamity t-shirts
  • Logo on our website and a link to your website!
  • Logo on our show tickets
  • Logo on all flyers

Kalamity is always very busy with shows allowing your business to receive a lot of exposure. All of our shows along with our website are very well advertised, allowing us to put on full house shows and crowded events. This is not your average dance team, this is a movement. An opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and we would be honored to help advertise your company and have you be a part of our Kalamity family. Thank you so much for your time.