2014 cause – “I Love Luci”

Kalamity and the Vault dance studio would like to introduce you to our 2014 cause, Luci,. Luci is a 32 year mother of two beautiful children Siaue10, and leilani 12. She has been married to her best friend Villiami for 13years. Seven years ago Luci began suffering from an unknown disorder that completely shuts down the left side of her body rendering her completely helpless and reliant on her husband. Lucy went through several Drs, medications, and treatment plans, and even several different diagnosis over the last several years, during that time Luci has kept her condition hidden from the world in an effort not to burden anyone. This time has been a trying and difficult time for Luci and her family, with her husband  being the only provider and going to college full time taking 19 credits along with consistently providing others with help in any way possible never asking for any help or assistance in return. A truly giving and humble family the Koloa family has spent their life dedicated to making others lives easier. Through her illness Luci has continued to have an amazing attitude always with a smile on her face and always noting how good life is.

Due to Lucis condition she is unable to have a job as she never knows when she will have an episode. As the Dr visits and medical bills pile up they are completley reliant on Villiamis paycheck.  Recently they have had a spark of hope as they were finally given a diagnosis. Through this diagnosis we have an excellent opportunity to help Lucy attain the help she needs to possibly discover a treatment to control or even eradicate her condition.

Please join together with Kalamity and The Vault to help ease the burdens of the Koloa family and help to find a solution for Luci, a true example of love, giving, and life.