For All Ages And Skill Levels


Mini Combo

Mini combo, means mini combinations, where they learn many dance style basics. Mini combo is a class structured for 3 to 5 year olds just learning rhythm and dance basics. In this class they learn to love dance through rhythm and hip hop, ballet basics and showmanship. They learn, at a young age, that they can use their talents for service.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is fun and stylized, it is our most popular genre of dance. In hip hop we stress rhythm, groove, technique, skills, and showmanship. Our hip hop classes learn stalls, stunts, freestyle, formations, and style. We have boys, beginning, beginning-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced class levels.

*Beginning – Ages 5 to 9

*Beginning Intermediate – Ages 8 to 12

*Intermediate – Ages 12 to 17 (Depending on skill level)

*Advanced – Ages 16 to 18 (Depending on skill level)


Jazz is a fun and interactive class that teaches ballet basics, contemporary feel, dance posture, and showmanship. In jazz they learn their positions, leaps, turns, etc. We have beginning, intermediate, and advanced jazz classes, along with an intermediate stretch and technique class and an advanced stretch and technique class. We require all of our jazz students to take a stretch and technique class along with their level jazz class.

*Beginning – Ages 5 to 9

*Beginning Intermediate – Ages 8 to 12

*Intermediate – Ages 12 to 17 (Depending on skill level)

*Advanced – Ages 16 to 18 (Depending on skill level)



Hula originated in the Hawaiian islands. This cultural art is beautiful and graceful. Our hula class focuses on traditional hula technique, hand movement, hip movement through the feet and knees, and poised showmanship. They wear beautiful hawaiian style costumes that showcase the art of hula. We currently offer two levels, hula I (for ages 5 to 8) and hula II (ages 9 to 18.)

*Hula I – Ages 5 to 8

*Hula II – Ages 9 to 18



Stretch & Tech

Stretch and technique is a class that focuses on improving jazz and ballet technique and flexibility. By having a class that focuses on stretching and technique it allows the teachers to push their dancers in the jazz classes with more challenging choreography. We currently offer two  stretch and tech classes, intermediate and advanced. This class is mandatory with Jazz Classes

Something For Everyone

We offer classes at all levels and ages, starting from age 3 to adults, we have a class for you!

Mini Combo
    • Monday @ 4:00 pm with Miss Terra
  • HULA I (ages 5 to 8)
    • Wednesday @ 5:00 pm with Miss Anja
  • HULA II (ages 9 to 18)
    • Wednesday @ 4:00 pm with Miss Anja
Boys Hip Hop
    • Tuesday @ 5:00 pm with Mr Antonio
    • Thursday @ 4:00 pm with Mr Nate
Stretch & Technique
    • Thursday @ 7:00 pm with Miss Holly
    • Wednesday @ 6:00 pm with Miss Kenzie
    • Monday @ 6:00 pm with Miss Chelsea
    • Thursday @ 6:00 pm with Miss Holly
    • Wednesday @ 7:00 with Miss Kenzie
Hip Hop
    • Monday @ 5:00 pm with Miss Terra
    • Tuesday @ 6:00 pm with Mr Antonio
    • Tuesday @ 4:00 pm with Mr Antonio
    • Thursday @ 5:00 pm with Miss Holly
    • Wednesday @ 8:00 pm with Miss Cam

St. George Class Schedule

Orem Class Schedule

Kaos Team

Kaos is the sister team to Kalamity, and it is made up of amazing teenage dancers who love to use their talents for service. Kaos was founded in 2011 by Tia Stokes, the founder, owner and director of The Vault and Kalamity. We hold Kaos auditions every year for 12 to 18 year old dancers who love to work hard, serve and dance. Contact us to find out more.

More than dance

At The Vault we strive to teach our dancers life skills through dance that they can take with them throughout their life. Every student learn our studio chant which is, ” OPEN MIND, HARD WORK, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, STAY HUMBLE, STAY HUNGRY, 200%, BE YOU, HAVE FUN, DUH!” Yes it is a mouthful, but each has a significant meaning and we work to help our students understand and develop each one.

Open Mind

When you have an open mind you can truly become a better you each day. We want our dancers to understand that anything is possible if you first stand with an open mind.

Hard Work

After kepping an open mind then comes the hard work. Yes, anything is possible if you have an open mind and WORK HARD. We stress hard work in our studio and encourage the students to give their very best, 200% even, in everything they do.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude opens up endless possibilities. We teach our dancers that a positive attitude and a grateful heart is the recipe to a happy life. In a studio where service is the focus, a positive attitude helps to spread love and awareness for our yearly causes.